New Amazon Kindle Oasis is water resistant, has a much bigger screen



Amazon lifted the quilt of the 2d-generation Kindle Oasis e book reader – and now this premium instrument is in truth a just right device as smartly! seriously, it’s now water-resistant to live up to its identify and has a bigger display to boot.

the new edition has a 7” screen (up from 6”) but retains the 300ppi pixel density. It has 3 times extra LEDs to light up the reveal than the common Paperwhite for a brilliant, even illumination. That’s two more LEDs than the unique Oasis (12 vs 10).

The aluminum back and tender touch plastic on the front and sealed tight, the 2nd gen Oasis can live to tell the tale under 2m of water for an hour. And now not just water, Amazon examined it in hot tubs and bubble baths.

also, gone is the foolish battery p.c. quilt from thee authentic, the battery capability has been increased without making the 3.4mm body any thicker. that you could still have a canopy to offer protection to the monitor and function a kickstand.

Kindle Oasis 2nd gen: IPX8 waterproof
Kindle Oasis 2nd gen: Audible support

Kindle Oasis 2nd gen: IPX8 water-proof and with Audible make stronger

There’s extra excellent information – Audible is now in-built. No, Amazon didn’t resurrect the speaker or three.5mm headphone jack that the QWERTY Kindles had. instead, that you can move audiobooks to Bluetooth headphones and audio system.

To accommodate audiobooks (which take up extra space), the Kindle Oasis 2nd gen comes with 8GB of storage. There’s a 32GB version too, if you predict storage to be a problem (e.g. for those who devour many audiobooks and picture novels).

All of this sounds great and it gets higher – Amazon cut the cost to $250 (down from $290). the additional storage prices $50 extra. There’s a variation with LTE connectivity as neatly, which comes simplest in 32GB and with out special offers.

the brand new Kindle Oasis will probably be available from October 31 in the us. There’s no launch or pricing data for Europe yet.



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