14 Best Ideas for 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Baskets

Arriving at the golden milestone is a major accomplishment for any couple. Few marriages make it to their fiftieth year. It’s becoming rarer and rarer, and it merits some merry grand gift-giving to get there.

Celebrating all that time of marital bliss can be tough to pin down in the form of a gift. After all, nothing can represent the full significance of a 50th wedding anniversary in a single gift. What an occasion!

Here are some ideas for 50th wedding anniversary gift baskets to celebrate fifty years of love and commitment.

Idea #1: Jewelry In Gold

Gold is timeless and luxurious, symbolizing strength and prosperity. It’s the perfect metal to celebrate such a momentous milestone. Gold jewelry can be anything from a ring to a necklace, bracelet, hairpin, earrings, or something similar.

Idea #2: Engravings

You can engrave almost anything, from metal to glassware, leather, wood, and more. Consider engraving a plate, a necklace, an article of clothing, or something meaningful to you and your spouse. The engraving can be as simple as a name, symbol, a few words, dates, or more.

Idea #3: Roses, Violets, Or Flowers

A yellow rose represents friendship and joy. Admirers have historically given violets as a sign of their faithfulness. If the gift recipient prefers another type of flower or a specific colour, you know what to look for. These flowers make excellent additions to your wedding gift basket.

Idea #4: Printed Sheet Of Music

If you have a special song that represented your wedding or your relationship, or if there’s a piece of music signifying your affections for your spouse, consider printing out the lyrics or the music notation and putting it into a photo frame, having it engraved in wood, or doing something similar.

Idea #5: Photo In A Photo Frame

Find an old, forgotten photo of the married couple and set it in a new, personalized photo frame. It could be a photo of the couple on their wedding day, from when they were younger, or a recent image. The quality of this gift will be judged by what the photo frame looks like.

Idea #6: Custom Portrait

Another way to go with the ‘photo in a photo frame’ idea is to get an artist to complete a custom portrait. They can often do this with an existing photo, essentially converting a photo into a watercolour print or visual art of some kind. This can also help correct and clarify imperfections visible in a photograph.

Idea #7: Chocolates And Sweets

To help you fill out a golden 50th wedding anniversary gift basket, buying premium luxury chocolates, sweets, and treats is always welcome. Just be sure they’re items the other person will enjoy that suit their dietary preferences.

Idea #8: Luxury Bed Sheets

A set of luxury bed sheets and pillowcases can help refresh a married couple’s mattress and provide them with a more comfortable rest at night. As this is a gift, try to find the softest bed sheets and pillowcases you can. Make it so that they can’t wait to crawl into bed at the end of a long day.

Idea #9: Wine And Wine Glasses

A nice bottle of wine and a pair of luxury glasses encourage a toast. It’s worth spending a little extra on these for such a special anniversary. You can find unique wine glasses made in all shapes and designs online.

Idea #10: Splurge On A Candle

A luxury romantic candle is an excellent 50th wedding anniversary gift. Try to find a scent that matches the tastes and personalities of those you’re buying for. This isn’t just any candle, so be sure to find one that has the right scent and sits inside the most beautiful container.

Idea #11: Soft Bath Robe

You can’t go wrong buying someone a soft luxury silk bathrobe. No matter the gender, anyone will appreciate getting in and out of the bath and being able to put on a soft, silky robe. These can get quite expensive, so browse ahead of time.

Idea #12: Books, Literature, And DVDs

A book on a hobby or subject they like. A novel or literature from their favourite author. A set of DVDs or Blu-rays of their favourite TV program, movies, and more. These are all great gifts to fill in a wedding anniversary gift basket.

Idea #13: Tickets To An Event

Try to book tickets to a special event and include those in your wedding anniversary gift basket. The ‘event’ can be anything, i.e. a concert, sports game, a special local attraction, a special night at a hotel in a different city, a more expanded travel trip to a place the special couple always wanted to visit, or as simple as reservations to a local restaurant.

Idea #14: Golden Measuring Cups And Spoons

Buy for your spouse’s hobby. If they like to bake or cook, invest in classic gold measuring cups and spoons. Reinforce the ‘gold theme.’ Be sure to find a set that’s made in stainless steel, and that is scratch-proof. Some cheaper gold sets can easily stain and, unfortunately, get scratched.

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