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April 21, 2017, 3:fifty one PM IST

India Will Pay if it Plays Dalai Card: Chinese Daily

Tibetan non secular leader Dalai Lama. (photograph: PTI)



Beijing: India can pay “dearly” if it continues to play the Dalai Lama card against China, a chinese language commentator warned on Friday.

“enjoying the Dalai Lama card is never a sensible possibility for brand spanking new Delhi,” a commentary in the state-run international times mentioned. “If India wants to continue this petty game, it’ll simplest turn out paying dearly for it.”

The commentary, by Ai Jun, mentioned China’s choice to give chinese language names to six places in Arunachal Pradesh which Beijing considers Southern Tibet.

“China has been making efforts to resolve the territorial disputes with India, however over the last a long time, India has not handiest increased migration to the disputed area and boosted its defense force building there,” the creator said.

“putting the Dalai Lama into its toolbox towards China is some other trick played by New Delhi lately. New Delhi would be too ingenuous to believe that the area belongs to India simply since the Dalai Lama says so.

“India appears to have transform trapped in its stubbornness to measure its power with China.

“but territorial disputes can’t be settled with the aid of comparing which side is enhanced or which country has extra leverage. otherwise, there is no need for Beijing to sit down with New Delhi at the negotiating table.”

The day by day delivered: “it’s time for India to do some severe considering over why China announced the standardized names in South Tibet right now.”

China has reacted strongly against the Dalai Lama’s talk over with to Arunachal Pradesh and Indian govt leaders’ decision to host the Tibetan non secular chief.

The Dalai Lama has lived in India due to the fact fleeing his native land in 1959.

First printed: April 21, 2017, 3:fifty one PM IST




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