Legion Season 1 Episode 6 review & After specific tv


Hosts discuss Legion for the episode “Chapter 6.”
AFTERBUZZ television — Legion adaptation, is a weekly “after specific” for fans of FX’s Legion. on this episode hosts Yael Tygiel, Rick Hong, Adrian Snow, and Kari Lane speak about episode 6.

David Haller is a stricken younger man who used to be identified with schizophrenia as a baby. He has been in and out of psychiatric hospitals for years and, now in his early 30s, finds himself institutionalized all over again. His every day spare time activities — along side therapy, taking medicine and silently being attentive to talkative just right buddy Lenny — is upended when new affected person Syd arrives, and so they’re inexplicably drawn to each other. After a startling come upon between the two, David confronts the possibility that the voices he hears and visions he sees can be actual. He escapes from the medical institution and seeks refuge with sister Amy, who needs to give protection to the picture-just right suburban life she has based for herself. Syd sooner or later gets David involved with therapist Melanie chook and her team of consultants, who open his eyes to a new world of potentialities.

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  1. I think someone on Reddit looked up the drugs that both Cary's were discussing while playing chess and found that some of the drugs weren't manufactured until after the 2000's. So that's an interesting point to the possible timeline.

  2. the whole series is in his head.
    The majority of legions stories happen in his head. This is called the "Mind-Scape" and its an actual physical place where all of his personalities walk around and fight for control.

  3. My guess on why David couldn't eat the pie is cuz in the prior session with Lenny, he talks about feeling good and being in control. So Lenny had his sister take the pie away just to rattle him and make it known he's not truly in control

  4. Dunno why you guys are thinking that Syd touching the bloody hole with her bare skin as kind of a plot hole when she's essentially like Rogue, where her concern is only on human-to-human touch. Anything without a consciousness is not applicable to her ability. Besides, the whole episode's a 'dream state' so there's some leeway. Do I get a No-Prize?

    BTW, I don't think Amy's really Amy… I think that's also King/Lenny, trying to do surveillance . I don't think Lenny's got a hold on her.

    Also, did anyone else notice when Melanie was spritzing her plants, there's a creepy guy in the background in a tree suit, holding, either an owl, or a pot of white flowers?

  5. So here is a concept; he grabs Sid to to go to the Astral plain but they swap places (not planned) Lenny sees an opportunity to get to know everyone and takes over the Astral plain. The scene where David tells sid that shes the one with delusion points to the fact the they have switch and happens again when the door opens but no legs enter the room. question is does Lenny know that they have switched? and which mind did Lenny lock away?

  6. I don't understand why Kari is so creeped out by the Carrie/Kerry relationship. It's not even sexual and even if it were, they are both concenting adults. Established social norms can really be detrimental to society's enlightenment.

  7. Once the Shadow King is free and can control David, Syd is a threat to him, Lenny tries to break her connection to David. Using his sister as his enforcer to disrupt anyone who tries to break through. Great episode Lenny uses sexual manipulation to control David and Sydney can't wait for next week.

  8. I'm still convinced that this entire season is inside David's HEAD! Each character is a different personality with different powers, just like the comics. The Shadow King is trying to take over David but has to get past the other personalities. The finale will be David realizing he is LEGION and becoming the Supervillian of season 2.

  9. I think the pie thing is a reference to the first episode and how Amy was eating David's cupcake when she gave it to him on his birthday. and so it's david projecting his doubts and stuff through amy.