INJUSTICE 2 Full Story Mode Cinematic Trailer


INJUSTICE 2 Full Story Mode Cinematic Trailer (Justice League) 2017
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  1. i think the intro where supergirl is fighting against wonder woman and superman and batman comes , i think is about injustice 3 continued story , if you choose superman at the ending of the story mode in injustice 2 , batman was controlled from superman at the ending , and that battle might take place on injustice 3 i guess when sipergirl somehow escapes . this just came to my mind and i think its a pretty good theory

  2. Injustice 2 story sum up:

    – Superman is stupid and he's just mad
    – Wonder Woman is a bitch
    – Aquaman is stupid
    – Damian Wayne is stupid
    – The rest are just good or evil

  3. Unbelievable!  Damn, what a trailer!  I would pay top dollar to see this on the big screen, real actors OR C.G.I whatever, just someone please do it!  And Im not even a C.G.I guy.  Christopher Reeves as Superman, falling to his knees, bathed in tears, screaming in rage, shooting like a rocket into space (will stop there) in Superman 1, when (spoiler alert)…. Lois dies, is I.M.O easily, one of the best movies scenes of all time!  Injustice 1 and Injustice 2, speak to everyman for they speak to every emotion (good & dark) in all of us, including all the emotion in the best of us…..Superman.  This is what makes the Injustice story line, unique and relatable on a very human level.  Bravo to the entire production team of Injustice.  Job tremendously done.  No movie, no comic book, no T.V show, regards Superman has ever made me feel as I did for Chris reeves Superman, in Superman 1, nothing cept for Injustice 1 and the trailer here for Injustice 2.  So, thanks to you is not enough.  That being said, If you ever permanently hurt my lifelong hero, Superman, Im coming for ya!  ; )

  4. I'm getting really fucking tired of this arbitrary "killing = evil" bullshit from DC. I know the Injustice storyline is all about playing with that trope but it never really pulls DC down from its high horse and forces it to admit that the absolute no-killing rule is in fact wrong. How could they possibly have cops, the second amendment in the U.S. or individual right to self-defense in their universe if they really think that way? Is the old grandma who shot the burglar busting into her house evil because she killed him? Come on.