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  1. What is the philosophical opinion that helps enable politicians to continue to create tax cuts for the rich in so many places and in so many ways? Multiple choice: A.) Greed! B.) Greed and narcissistic C.) Greed and no conscience!! D.) All of the Above

  2. So, the entire GOP worked for years to sabotage the ACA in every way they could — refusing to expand Medicaid, refusing to pay the subsidies to Co-ops…thus resulting in what they're calling a "collapse"….all for the Corporate Health Insurance "Death Panels" control over us, deciding who lives or dies based upon income alone, and all for their own massive, totally unnecessary, bureaucratic billions in profits from extorting the sick and dying.

    There are very good economic and moral reasons why no other advanced Democracy allows corporate interests to make health care unaffordable for their own billions in corporate profits they make for our inevitable illnesses.

  3. These Republicans don't give two hoots about the American people. Their job is to funnel as much money upward to the rich who are cushy comfortable and never have to worry about mundane things like healthcare. They're shameless liars.

  4. Mr. Kinzinger your whole argument befuddles me. How you answer the basic question is always the same scripted answer. Healthcare is the same even if your a republican a democrat or any Joe or Jane in the street. Health, Car, life insurance is a good thing. It provides peace of mind to the people that do purchase them. You will need these services eventually, it will save you from bankruptcy and total financial meltdown. Are you for your constituents or for the lobbies that make you answer that way?

  5. America wake up already…if you pay taxes you should get paid health care…health care should NOT be like care insurance!!! Health care should be government supplied….every one pays every one wins!!!!

  6. Good point, why do I have a car insurance? If I go to the emergency room without Insurance and not pay…. Everyone else is affected. The health systems, hospitals, workers are affected. We have seen that in the 2007- 2009. And at the end, when health care people lose their jobs, and eventually their homes… the whole community is affected.

  7. Because everyone is compelled to buy car insurance is why car insurance premiums are low. If only a few bought insurance then premiums would have to be higher to cover the short fall generated by having less people in the pool. This is the exact case for a single payer plan. Everyone chipping in a little is more affordable then a few chipping a lot.

  8. "Thank you for TRYING to answer the question!" Which basically means everytime he answered he just pivots to another talking point. Thats politicians wrapped in a nutshell ladies and gentlemen.

  9. Make everyone buy at least enough to insurance to cover accidental death and injury (like liability).
    To take care of those who can take care of themselves,
    tax a percentage of gross income that is approved by taxpayers on last year's tax form.
    And stop enacting favorable legislation for doctor's and pharmas.
    And stop spending printed money in the healthcare market which drives up prices to us.

  10. To a person, ask any senior if they'd be willing to give social security and Medicare. While neither is perfect, all would say no. Why? "Because we paid for it." EXACTLY! If it wasn't for the government forcing people to pay for both, few would health insurance or retirement money. We'd have a nation of seniors living and dying in the streets. And, we left it to states, you have what happened in my state, NJ, where the state government just took the money and never paid it back. It's beyond me why we keep bullshiting around this issue in the 21st century. Single payer is the only real option. We're the only first world nation that doesn't have national healthcare.

  11. logic: cars have to be insured because you're choosing to drive, but your health is not as important as car insurance, because you won't likely hit someone in a vehicle and since you're gonna die anyway whatever. Twisted.

  12. Why are we talking to politicians about healthcare and insurance? What about the insurance companies directly? What about physicians? Hospital administrators?
    Seemed to me to be another tactic to look in a different direction, then to see what is really going on. The insuranc companies are in bed with politicians. The politicians are protecting them and all the lobbying gratutities given. C'mon. Its not rocket science! Its greed!

  13. Rep Adam Kinzinger
    One is compelled to get car insurance when you get a car, right. You get health insurance when you become independently alive. Is that difficult to understand?

  14. Ok, I would be much more receptive to his argument about car insurance if medical issues were like a car, where you can choose whether or not to have them. No one gets to choose whether or not they are healthy, it just doesn't work like that. The reason you are compelled to buy health insurance for the sole reason of your existence is because by the very virtue of existing and interacting with the world, you put yourself at risk.

  15. hospitals are REQUIRED to treat you if you show up in the emergency room with a knife sticking out of your chest…..regardless if you have insurance or not…..they will simply pass the cost on to paying patients…..stabilize you……and then discharge you……what happens after that..?….you get infected….bleed out….and show up in the ER again in two weeks.

  16. Geez, I hate when politicians just don't answer the questions. They use the "begs the question" or Red Herring arguments to state something tangentially related. Mika: "Is the sky still blue under TrumpCare?" Politician: "The bigger question is, was Obamacare even legal? The American people have the right to know!" or "Listen, it wasn't as blue under Obamacare, believe me."

  17. This is a very strange defence of the Healthcare bill. On Mr Kinzinger’s own admission, he does not know what the second part of the plan is, and the third part of the plan cannot be introduced. So how does it help to say that the bill is the first part of a three-part plan? He goes on to say that the deductibles are sky high, but if the deductibles are to be reduced, the premiums will have to be increased, and, on his own admission, the premiums are already too high. He says, no doubt correctly, that if insurance is no longer compulsory, fewer people will take out insurance. But of the 24 million, how many will stop taking out insurance just because it is no longer compulsory? Very few I suspect. Finally, he says that the states will take up the slack on Medicaid after 2020. However, I understand the governors are claiming they do not have the funds, and he provides no evidence to suggest they are wrong.
    Mr Mulvaney is scarcely more impressive. I can understand that people may be reluctant to see a doctor for minor ailments because of the high deductibles, but is there any evidence that if it is a matter of life and death they still refuse to use their insurance? And of the 24 million who will lose insurance, how many fall into the category of people who could never afford to use their insurance? His decision to question the CBO’s figures also seems strange. Why does the fact that in 2013, the CBO grossly overestimated the number of people who would have insurance in 2016, lead Mr Mulvaney to believe that they have now grossly underestimated the number who will have insurance in 2026?

  18. Kinzinger says "compelled to buy a product"? Jesus! (no blasphemy intended, sorry). Healthcare insurance and healthcare care are intrinsically linked. He's pretty good at GOP doublespeak, but it doesn't change the fact that Kinzinger and the GOP will cause a tremendous amount of pain for at least 24 million average Americans and at the same time offer a $700 billion giveaway to the rich. On what planet does any of that make any sense? Our fearless leader Trump. Right…..

  19. At the very least give it up to Rep. Kinzinger for at least trying to answer the question. It's still not a good answer, but at least he didn't run and hide from it.

  20. The pre-existing condition part only works because of the mandate. They want to get rid of the mandate now which means that the pre-existing condition part is next on the chopping block.

  21. nothing wrong with the auto insurance analogy other than he failed to finish the thought….what about all the public options, that are avalible to EVERYBODY for free of cheap….something that does not exist in American healthcare.
    Use his analogy against him people!

  22. Morning Joe Pundits are so moronically stupid, they had no idea as to the analogy he was referring. Health care is not a right. Having access to healthcare or to say another way, being healthy is a human right if and when the means exist that one can obtain services from another individual or public entity provider OR if one wanted to self medicate by means in which they choose.

  23. If republicans pass this bill they will have to answer to Americans why they passed a huge tax break for the rich instead of a healthcare bill that makes going to the doctor more affordable, because that is what the AHCA is. I cannot believe how deceptive republicans are as they try to polish this turd. All the spin is making me dizzy.

  24. How stupid do republicans think we are. All that Bragging and criticism and their answer is the worst mess I have read. This does exactly as all republican plans are about, give the rich the benefits and screw the rest.