Top 7 Cost-Effective Internet Marketing Ideas For Your Real Estate Property

To be competitive in the real estate industry you will need to have a good marketing campaign in place. Today, one of the best places to do your marketing is online. When you are looking for ways to improve your online marketing campaign, there are seven cost-effective strategies that are ideal for real estate professionals.

1. Social Media

One of the best ways to market yourself online is through the use of social media. When you use social media, you will be able to promote your business and immediately reach a variety of different potential leads and customers. You should also encourage social sharing for your social media page, which will help to expand the outreach of people that you can connect to.

2. Email Marketing

Email marketing has continued to be a preferred form of marketing for real estate professionals. When you have an email marketing campaign that is connected with Ixact Contact or another CRM you can efficiently send out an email blast to hundreds of people at once. Doing this well can get you a great return on investment.

3. Real Estate Website

For you to be competitive, you will need to have a good online presence. While a social media page is helpful, you should also have a real estate website that can properly market and advertise your properties listed for sale. As you are building a new website, you should make sure it has current information and great pictures.

4. Targeted Online Marketing

Online marketing is another way to find leads and contacts. When you do some targeted ads placed on strategic websites, you will be able to connect with more people looking to buy or sell. Some great places to advertise including in online real estate websites and local online newspapers.

5. Online Webinars

When you are trying to be a quality real estate professional, you will also want to show that you can provide insight to a transaction. One of the best ways to do this is to host free online webinars. During these webinars, you can discuss a variety of real estate related topics. This could make you look very experienced and informed, which could attract potential clients.

6. Blogs

You should also consider creating a blog about your real estate career. This blog can contain virtually any content you want including your journey, past successes, and market information. When you have a blog, you should fill it with interesting content that attracts new visitors and keeps them coming back. In the blog you should also provide a variety of links allow visitors to connect with you.

7. Online CRM


Using an online CRM can ultimately be a great marketing tool. When you use an online CRM program to its fullest, you will be able to use it to send out mailers, contact customers, and provide you with information about when to make certain strategic phone calls. You can also use these systems to link with other people on your team to share valuable instant information including customer contact data.


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