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Top 6 Wedding Invitation Tips

Your wedding invitation is usually the first peek into your wedding day that your guests will get. You want to make a good impression.  Here are some wedding invitation tips to help you come up with an impressive and effective invitation.

1.      Choose Your Colors

Choose Your Colors
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Have you picked your wedding colors? You might want to incorporate the hues and a motif, should you have one, into the wedding invitations. The same color and theme should be used on the menus, escort cards, and ceremony programs. Formal wedding invitations usually have white, cream, or ivory accented with black as the default colors. Don’t shy away from brightening your invitations with colorful fonts, envelopes, paper stock, and liners. But make sure to keep readability in mind when selecting colors.

2.      Vary the Size and Shape

Vary the Size and Shape
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The traditional wedding invitation card is a 4.5×6.15 inches rectangle. Nowadays, couples are more adventurous and are incorporating more modern or playful vibes into their invites by using square, scalloped, and circular invitations. Make sure not to go too big with the size as it will affect the postage costs.

3.      Ensure the Text Is Legible

Ensure the Text Is Legible
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While your stationer will advise you on the legibility, you should avoid using light text color on a light background and dark text on dark backgrounds. Yellow is probably the worst color you can pick for your text unless the background contrasts enough for the text to pop. If you must use pastel or yellow color, then it’s best to use them in the design rather than the text. Also, avoid font types that are hard to read especially scripted typeface. They may look pretty but they’re not ideal for maximum legibility.

4.      Avoid Crowing the Card

Avoid Crowing the Card
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The card should only highlight the key points – the location, time, hosts, and the couple’s names. You can also include the dress code if necessary and the RSVP information. Overcrowding your card with too much information will make it harder to read and destroy the aesthetics. Directions and other details can be printed on a separate card or your wedding website.

5.      Don’t Leave it Late

Don’t Leave it Late
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You should start scouting for stationers 11 months before the D-day. This will give you adequate time to assess different providers. Make sure to make your order 5 months to the wedding so that they are ready to mail out 6 to 8 weeks to the wedding.  If you’re having a destination wedding or having it over the holidays, then you might want to send the invites earlier, at about 10 to 12 weeks prior to the wedding.

6.      Consider Costs

Consider Costs
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The cost of wedding invitations can vary widely. Expect to spend anywhere between $1 to $100 for each of the cards. Costs are largely determined by the printing process, card design, ink, paper, typeface, and quantity.  High end finishes such as envelope liners and multiple enclosures will add to the cost as well. Take time out to do some market research so that you can match your requirements to your budget. If you’ll be hiring a calligrapher to address the envelopes, expect to pay anywhere between 42 to $8 per envelope.

The above wedding invitation tips will help you make the best possible impression on your guests. Make sure not to skimp on the quality of the cards. You can save some cash on other areas such as wedding décor by using the services of Party Rentals GTA. Channel the money you’ll save towards the cards.

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