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Top 6 Things to Do in New Jersey

New Jersey is probably one of the most under-appreciated destinations. This may be down to the preconceptions people have of the state.  Nonetheless, New Jersey is a gem with the full range of experiences for anyone from any background – urban, suburban, or rural. Exploring New Jersey can be tons of fun since there’s lots to see and do. Here are some of the things to do in New Jersey.

1.      For the Art Lovers

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You’ll find plenty of museums and galleries in New Jersey. One of the most outstanding places to visit is the Grounds for Sculpture Park. It’s a 42-acre property that was formerly part of the New Jersey State Fairgrounds. It has a huge number of trees and flowers and over 240 sculptures on display at any one time. There are plenty of exhibitions, educational programs, and community events hosted at the venue.

2.      Atlantic City/The Boardwalk

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Visiting this resort town should definitely be on your New Jersey to-do list. Built in 1870, Boardwalk has a plethora of attractions that include hotels and piers. It is 4 miles long and would take quite a bit of doing to take a seaside walk across the town. You might want to rent a bike from the providers available in the area.

3.      Beaches

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The crown jewel of the state of New Jersey is the 130-mile coastline. It stretches from Sandy Hook to the Cape May. The spectacular beaches have stunning barrier islands and bays that are dotted with fishing villages, majestic lighthouses, and scenic views. These beaches draw a huge number of tourists every year so you can be sure you’ll meet people from all over the world having fun in the sun and sand.

4.      Sterling Hill Mine


Want to see something mind-blowing? Why not head out to the Sterling Hill Mine. The fluorescent rocks that characterize the mine are unlike anything you’ve seen anywhere else. It is amongst the oldest zinc mines in the USA. The spectacular array of vibrant colors given off by the rocks is as a result of the strange lighting effect in the mine. The mines are very busy throughout the year so you might want to make your bookings in advance to avoid missing out on the experience.

5.      Thomas Edison National Historical Park

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the things to do in New Jersey Thomas Edison. It was here that the famous scientist performed experiments and invented items such as sound recorders, movie cameras, and batteries. While there, you’ll get an up-close and personal examination of Edison’s labs and his original inventions and tools. The building is a 29-room mansion that still looks stellar for its age.

6.      Delaware Water Gap

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This is a recreational area located in the border of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. It occupies over 70,000 acres and has a 40-mile chunk of the Delaware River. There are two visitor centers where you can get information on the area, its geography and history. If you’re into outdoor activities such as fishing, kayaking, camping, and natural swimming, then you will enjoy your time at the Delaware Water Gap. This is among the things to do in New Jersey.

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