Top 6 Most Dangerous Roads in The World

For anyone looking to travel to a different country, one of the factors they consider is where to find cheap car rentals. What most people do not take time to find out is how safe it is to drive in different countries. Learning about the world’s most dangerous roads will make it easier for you plan ahead. You will be able to select the right type of car and know which roads to avoid during your travel. Here is a list of the most dangerous roads in different parts of the world.

  1. The Russian Trans-Siberian Highway

When you take on this road from the west, you will travel along a well paved and maintained road. As you proceed towards the east, the road becomes less paved and uneven. While a good four wheel car can maneuver perfectly, the surrounding area can be a threat to your safety. In the winter season, avalanches, rain, ice, landslides and heavy snow are very common. The most dangerous place is said to be the stretch between, Chita, Irkutsk, and Krasnoyarsk.

  1. The Pan American Highway from Alaska To Argentina

This road is 48,000 kilometers long and is the longest motorbike road in the world. There is only one section of the road that requires the use of plane or boat to cross, it is not advisable to take the route from Panama to Columbia by road. Even so, any road connecting two continents is always faced with major security issues. You will have to go through deserts and jungles and cover glaciers and mountains all which pose different risks.

  1. The Sichuan-Tibet Highway in China

This highway records at least 7000 deaths in every 100,000 accidents in China. The winding roads go through forests, rivers and mountains. The large rivers and mountain ranges pose a threat of rock avalanches and flooding which is risky for drivers. The potential for natural disasters and the altitude make the road very dangerous.

  1. The Taroko Gorge Road in Taiwan

While it may seem like your ordinary road, this is in fact one of the world’s most dangerous roads. The road is built through a mountainside where you enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Taroko Park Gorge. It’s very popular with tourists and is usually very busy. Driving through this road, you can expect to come across scooters bikes, cars, and pedestrians using the road. It has sharp corners and slippery paths that make it a high-risk road. Bad weather and the likelihood of earthquakes can lead to road closure as they make it impossible to navigate.

  1. New Zealand’s Skippers Canyon

This road is only 22km long. In the past, drivers required a special permit to use the road. Today, there are no car rentals insured to travel this road. The road is undeveloped and much of it is the same way it was during the 19th century. The potholes can easily skew the alignment of your car and damage other parts. Even so, the view as you descend into the canyon is breathtaking.

  1. The North Yungas Road In Bolivia

Stretching for slightly over 60kms, the lack of guardrails to save you from an approx. 2000ft drop is what makes this one top 3 on the list of the world’s most dangerous roads. Known as the death road, it is only wide enough for one vehicle with the risk of sandstorms, mudslides, and falling rocks.

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