Top 6 Hottest Cities in The World – How Climate Change Has Affected Them?

At the mention of the “hottest city on earth,” you likely view the words as metaphorically. The term doesn’t always refer to the most popular or most frequently traveled to city on the globe though. Sometimes, hot really just means hot.

And there are several super-hot cities on the planet. Thanks to the impact of climate change on the weather, temperatures in certain places reached scorching levels. Just look at what happened in the following six cities:


1. El Azizia, Libya

libyan desert

In the history books, climate experts have dubbed El Azizia, Libya as the “the hottest city on Earth.” El Azizia holds the record for being the location of the hottest temperature ever recorded: 136°F/58°C. That was nearly 100 years ago.

The city hasn’t always been the hottest region during certain years, but they may be the inverse effect of climate change. Could climate change be cooling the city? Even if it is, El Azizia won’t experience snowfall any time soon.


2. Kuwait City, Kuwait

Kuwait city

Kuwait tops the list of one of the most interesting countries in the Middle East. The metropolitan region of Kuwait City provides pretty much anything a tourist or local could ask for. Unfortunately, traveling around the city isn’t always enjoyable to the incredible heat.

In July of 2016, the country of Kuwait suffered horribly under a massive heatwave where temperatures reached 129.2 °F/54.0 °C. Plans are in the works to address climate change and the heat, but there’s not much anyone can really do. Kuwait City simply is extremely hot.


3. Rome, Italy


Rome isn’t a city known for its heatwaves, which is why the summer of 2017 heatwave — a heatwave dubbed “Lucifer” — captured attention. Something seriously was different with the weather during an ultra-hot August month that saw temperatures reach 109⁰F/43⁰C. To say that’s unusual for Rome would be an understatement.


4. Phoenix, Arizona


No one would ever list the great U.S. city of Phoenix, AZ as a cold place. Arizona is, of course, home to a lot of desert region. Phoenix remains a city with high temperatures. Even by Phoenix’s standards, recent heatwaves have been something to both marvel at and worry about.

The number of days in which the temperature topped 90°F logs at 169. The average July/August temperatures hover between 104°F and 106°F. Death Valley, AZ, however, remains the hottest city in the USA, but it has been that way forever.


5. Dallol, Ethiopia


Dallol consistently ranks on the lists of the hottest cities on earth. The average high temperature in the city clocks in at 118°F, which is a nearly unbearable figure. Little relief is given to those who live in Dallol as the temperature hardly presents a cool climate.


6. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is a hot city, but the usual temperatures aren’t the hottest in the world. However, like Phoenix, the over-100°F days occur an incredible number of times during the year. Really, it is hot all the time in Bangkok. Rain and cool air may bring the temperature down at times, but the temperature surely will move back upwards without any delay.


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