Top 5 Benefits of Having A Relationship DNA Test

An ever-increasing number of people are seeking a DNA kit to learn more about their heritage as well as for other purposes. There are a number of positive aspects of obtaining a relationship DNA test, a list of benefits that continue to grow. The top five benefits are:

  • finding relatives
  • access to genetic markers
  • settle inheritance issues
  • settle life insurance issues
  • paternity issues

1. Finding Relatives


A primary benefit to be realized through a relationship DNA test is identifying relatives. When DNA testing became more widely available commercially, the initial focus was on establishing the ethnicity or national heritage of people who underwent this testing. Within short speed, it was recognized that as more people undertook relationship DNA testing, the process was an effective tool for identifying people who were genetically connected.

Indeed, as DNA testing kits and processes have become more refined and widely used, it is possible to match up people with matching genetic markers as being related in specific ways. This is becoming one of the more commonly utilized purposes for seeking relationship DNA testing today.

2. Access to Genetic Markers

dna marker

Many diseases are associated with certain genetic markers that can be obtained to some degree through relationship DNA testing. If a person is able to identify these markers in a proactive manner, that individual has a better chance of being able to take steps to protect against the possibility of suffering certain diseases and illnesses. For example, obtaining genetic markers is becoming more widely utilized in identifying the potential risk a woman might have for breast cancer.

3. Settle Inheritance Issues


DNA relationship testing is proving beneficial when certain inheritance issues arise. With some regularity, a challenge is made in a probate proceeding about the actual relationship of a person attempting to inherit money.

This occurs more often when an individual passes away without a will and multiple people make claims that they are appropriately related and entitled to a share of an estate. With DNA relationship testing, a determination can be made as to whether an individual truly is related to a deceased person as claimed.

4. Settle Life Insurance Issues

Life insurance

On a related note, disputes can arise when it comes to life insurance. A recurring type of dispute involves a contention about whether a specific person is in fact related to the deceased individual as claimed. DNA relationship testing can be used as a means of determining the relationship of a person to a deceased individual.

5. Paternity Issues

Paternity Issues

DNA testing has been used in paternity disputes for an extended period of time. Bear in mind that if a paternity issue is raised in court, only a court-approved lab is able to undertake DNA testing that can be presented in court. Having said that, DNA relationship testing and a DNA kit can be beneficial if a man and woman are trying to work out issues regarding paternity between themselves in advance of going to court for an appropriate order from a judge.


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