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News Edges do hereby declare that any person using the website implicitly agrees to its term and conditions and Privacy Policy mentioned herein.

News Edges recognizes the importance of individual privacy and holds the right to privacy of the visitors and readers at highest regard. We hereby declare that we promise to keep the data collected about our readers, visitors and subscribers safe and not to exploit the information for any unfair or unethical purpose.

The Privacy Policy declares the data collected by and how the data are treated henceforth. This Privacy policy holds true for all former and current users.

Information collected by News Edges

Contact Information: Our users and readers might be asked to fill in various forms for different purposes when they visit the website and perform different. The contact information thus collected is stored safely and used only to contact the users and readers for the purpose of providing further information and support, as and when necessary.

Your Post Related Information: Readers and visitors to our website may post comments, blogs, and more. We collect the information provided during making the post for future reference.

Other Information: For our internal purpose we may collect information about the ISP, IP address, browser information, OS information, and other such related technical information. Information collected may also contain the amount of time spent on one page, the pages visited and others.

Use of personal information by News Edges

News Edges essentially uses the information collected to contact the readers and viewers, as and when necessary. It also uses the information to reply to user and reader queries and provide further support and service.

Third Party redirection

If the reader is redirected to any third-party website following any link present within News Edges, this Privacy Policy does not hold anymore.