Myths Regarding Dental Implants Over The Web You Should Totally Watch Out For!

Every positive initiative follows a plethora of negativity around it. Instead of believing in the positive step, if one starts believing in these negative myths, all the productive practices in the world would stop. Dental implantation is one such practice.

While a good dentist is no less than a boon to the ones with improper teeth, there are numerous myths that have circulated around the world regarding dental implants, imposing a lot of baseless blames over them.

One has to be careful while taking advice for dental implants about the positives and negatives of it.

Dental Implantation is the technique of artificially growing up a tooth in the place of damaged or broken tooth by mounting the implant on a tooth root in the jaw. It is by far the best method of tooth replacement in the contemporary era.

However, there are various myths being spread regarding to dental implantation which create negativity.

Let’s take a close look at some of the biggest myths that are spreading around the world and debunk them:

“Dental Implants Are Not Successful Enough”


Wait! What?? You are accusing one of the most sophisticated methods used in dentistry to be not successful enough! That’s so unfair! Well, the reality is quite the opposite.

A 2014 study stated that dental implants are highly successful, with a success rate of more than 95%.

The statistics give you a good reason why you can totally count upon dental implants.

Dentists have reported that most of the dental implant cases are treated with much ease, so much so that the patient doesn’t even feel any kind of pain during the treatment and actually enjoys the treatment!

The treatment is carried out well with all the sophisticated equipment and with utmost precision by the dentist. So, one can’t just impose a baseless blame and get away with it.

“Implants Are Artificial And They Won’t Feel The Same As The Original Ones”

Well, from one perspective, it might seem true that nothing can replace your original body parts, be it even teeth or anything else.

However, this myth is not true in the way it sounds it to be.

The truth is that although the dental implants are artificial, they feel and function the same as the original ones. This is because they are made to develop in almost natural conditions and with the evolution of the latest technologies, the dental implants have become as dependable as the god-given set of teeth.

The similarities are so much so that the only difference between the real teeth and the dental implants is that the real teeth are real and the implants are not. Apart from that, there is hardly any difference in the way it looks, feels or functions. You literally gift a new life to your dead teeth.

“Eating Would Be Tough With The Dental Implants”

As already stated above, the dental implants look, feel and function the same as the original ones.

So, there is no issue with the eating part of it. You can chew, bite or grind your food in the same way as you did with your natural teeth without even feeling that you are using the artificial ones.

That’s the best part! Don’t get confused when someone says that you have to put less pressure on the implanted tooth to make it function otherwise it would get defunct.

No! It’s certainly not the case. You can do all the work that you did with your previous set of teeth. The force applied on biting and chewing is almost the same for both the teeth.


“What If The Other Teeth Suffer During The Process?”


This query or claim has a lot to do with the previous technologies where the other teeth got affected largely due to the tooth replacement techniques.

Thanks to dental implants, this is no more the case with them. Previously, with the other tooth replacement techniques, the doctor had to tamper and adjust the other teeth in order for it to be made acceptable to the new ones.

Since the implants are fitted upon a titanium screw acting as an artificial root, you don’t need to make alterations to the old set of teeth and you can relax.

The implants would grow and the teeth would set itself according to your jaw orientation. So, it doesn’t affect the other tooth while being treated.

“Dental Implants Are Way Too Expensive”

This is probably the worst of all the myths listed above. We do agree that the implant procedure costs a little higher than the rest alternatives available to you.

But this in no way alters the fact that dental implants are the most durable, hassle-free and concrete solution to your dental problems.

We do understand that there’s nothing worse than going to the dentist regarding issues related to the same tooth over and over again, and hence recommend the permanent solution altogether.

Don’t listen and believe these myths related to dental implants or any myth as a whole without personally getting to know about them or experiencing them. Hope this article was helpful to you to debunk all the popular myths related to dental implants.


Flora Author

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