Moving House? Here are 5 Things to Do Before the Packers Arrive

The D-day is finally here. You’re moving to your new house. It feels just right and it’s the fresh start you’ve been yearning for. You need help with moving house since you can’t do it all on your own. You’ve contracted a moving company and opted for the full-service mover where you get your home packed up by professionals. You might be wondering what to do before the packers from Matco arrive to make your move easier for everybody. Here are the top 10 things you can do before they arrive.

1.      Get Rid of Items You Don’t Need

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You don’t want to pay for the packing and transportation of items you will never use, do you? The total weight of your items will have a bearing on how much you’ll be charged for the moving service. It is advisable to get rid of these items before the packers arrive to keep costs low. Things you’ve not used in over a year are generally useless. Don’t waste money on them.

2.      Dispose of Items the Packers Won’t Agree to Pack

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Despite the fact that you’re paying for the service, there are items that the packing crew won’t touch. They should be listed in the terms of service. They include some hazardous items that they can’t transport for safety purposes and other non-allowable goods that could compromise of the safety of the move.  They also won’t touch perishables and plants. There’s no need to try to negotiate as they’re unlikely to make an exception.

3.      Do an Inventory of Your Items

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Create an itemized checklist of all your belongings. You will use this list to check whether everything has been delivered once you get to your new home. This will enable you to find out if there’s anything missing or broken. The list will also come in handy should you choose to file a damage or loss claim with your insurer or mover.

4.      Create a No-Pack Zone

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You might want to set apart one room where all the items you’ll be personally carrying with you to your new home will be kept. Let the packers know that you’ll be packing and moving the items in the no-pack zone yourself before they begin working. Write “DO NOT PACK” on a piece of paper and stick it on the entrance of the no-pack zone. If you cannot set aside a whole room for this task, cordon off a section of a room and make sure it’s easily identifiable. Some of the items you might want to place in the no-pack zone include important documents, medicines, some electronic devices, and other valuables.

5.      Set Aside A few Boxes for Your Essentials

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You must have a few essential items that you’ll need at arm’s length for about one or two days before you’ve settled into your new home. These items might include prescription medicine, non-perishable foods, some kitchen utensils, bottled water, towels, and spare clothing for everyone in the family. You need to remember that you won’t have access to your items once they’re packed and loaded into the moving truck. This is why the box of essentials is so important.

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