How To Win Friends And Influence People That’ll Help You Prosper?

In October 1936, Dale Carnegie published one of the most important perennial books on doing well in business and social circles. Despite being more than 80 years old, the book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” still presents timeless, helpful advice.

A few newer points can be added to the advice covered by Mr. Carnegie. Learning as much as you can make sense since bringing people to your side and developing influence can help you achieve success in life.

Sad to say, poor people skills sink otherwise talented individuals. Here are a few skills to develop to avoid that problem.

Reveal to People How Their Needs Can be Met


To mention “become a better communicator as well as a strong listener” would be good advice.

The advice, while worth following, can be found in almost any book discussing how to influence others and make a positive impression. A good plan involves taking these basics of influential communications to another level.

Try to figure out what people’s needs are and convey ways in which you can help meet those needs. Doing so doesn’t always require something dramatic. Simply being a level-headed and honest person people feel they can turn to for advice just might be enough.

Speak with Class


An articulate person with a nice demeanor who rarely speaks ill of others stands out in our current coarse culture. Just because obnoxious people can generate money through converting their poor behavior into celebrityhood doesn’t mean they should be emulated.

Don’t let over-the-top entertainers make you think the culture has changed so much that antisocial behavior has become acceptable. Maintain good manners with your speech or your ability to influence diminishes.

Maintain a Positive Tone of Speech

And also stay positive when speaking. Negative people can be repellant. It is hard to influence others when they don’t want to be around your negative attitude. Imagine what the predictive analytics on a job interview turns out to be if you were too negative.

Know Your Audience


“Idea people” should be able to influence people. Who doesn’t want to listen to a beneficial idea when hoping to succeed in business? Honestly, there are some who would be resistant based on preconceived notions or outright biases.

Sorry, but that’s the way the world works. To know your audience reflects one way of avoiding any time wasting or frustration.

Embrace High-Tech Things

Smartphones and social media sites clearly weren’t discussed in Carnegie’s book. Those amazing technological advancements didn’t exist at the time. Despite current access to incredible technology, some people seem as if they are stuck in 1936 tech-wise. That won’t exactly run up the numbers on a job interview’s predictive index.

Now, you don’t need to spend a ridiculous amount of money on the newest and latest tech gadgets. You do, however, want to be reasonably current in professional and social circles. Not owning a smartphone and sticking with an outdated flip-phone won’t exactly position you as someone up to speed. You may come off as cheap and out of touch — not exact traits that help with influencing others.


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