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How to Determine When You Need A Sewer Camera Inspection

Sewer pipe inspection camera services make it possible for you and your plumber to have an inside view of your sewer system for a better diagnosis of the plumbing issue you are experiencing. These types of inspections offer numerous benefits to the homeowner because they give a proper diagnosis as opposed to relying on guesswork which can lead to misdiagnosis. With this type of inspection, you can find the cause of clogs, the presence of broken or damaged pipes, and also tree root infiltration. Here is how to know when you need a sewer camera inspection service.

1.      When You Are Moving Into A New Home

When You Are Moving Into A New Home
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If you are planning on moving houses, you should have the sewer system of the new inspected with a camera. In fact, a sewer camera inspection should be part of the home inspection process. This way, you will compel the current homeowner to handle any plumbing issues before handing the house over to you. A sewer camera inspection is especially important if you are moving into an old house or buying a home in a place with a lot of trees.

2.      You Experience Slow Drains and Water Back-Up

Slow Drains and Water Back-Up
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You can easily diagnose a slow drain or a blocked one by observing the flow of water through the drains. If water is taking too long to drain or remains stagnant on the floor or kitchen sink, you may need a camera sewer inspection service. This service will make it possible to determine the exact cause of the slow drain or the water back-up.

3.      Fluctuating Water Pressure

Fluctuating Water Pressure
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If your household is experiencing water pressure issues, it can cause a lot of frustration when trying to take a shower or trying to work your dishwasher and washing machine. If your sewer line is experiencing issues, it can affect your household’s water pressure. This is especially common in the case of leaking pipes. If you find that your water pressure is suddenly dropping, you need to consider having a sewer pipe inspection camera service done.

4.      Foundation Leaks

Foundation Leaks
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Foundation leaks can be tricky to diagnose and thus require the input of an expert. A foundation leak is usually a result of leaking sewer pipes but can only be diagnosed using a sewer camera. This makes it easier to identify the cause, where the leak is, and the extent of the damage. This goes a long way towards saving money with unnecessary excavations.

5.      It Has Been A While Since You Inspected Your Sewer

It Has Been A While Since You Inspected Your Sewer
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If you haven’t had a sewer line inspection done in a while, you may need to get one done with a sewer pipe inspection camera. Sewer repairs and replacements can be very expensive and thus a sewer inspection can go a long way in preventing these costly replacements and repairs. This inspection ensures that everything is still working as it should and will diagnose minor sewer issues that can be corrected easily and cheaply.

You can call your express rooter plumber for a camera sewer line inspection service.

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