How Long Does Food Poisoning Last? 5 Things You Need To Know Right Away!

One of the most common types of illnesses and infections that people can experience is food poisoning. This is a very difficult physical ailment and personal injury that impacts millions of people every year. If you think that you are the victim of food poisoning, there are several things that you should know.

Wide Range of Symptoms

One factor about food poisoning that you need to understand is that there is a wide range of symptoms that are common with food poisoning. Some of the most common types of symptoms include vomiting, stomach pain, sweating, inability to sleep, and an overall sense of weakness and illness. People that have food poisoning are also often very tired and can end up sleeping for extended periods of time. These personal injuries are never fun to deal with, but typically are not considered very serious.

Symptoms Arrival

When it comes to food poisoning, there is a lot of misconceptions about when symptoms can start to kick in. While some believe that symptoms will not show up for a few days, others believe that symptoms will arrive within just a few hours. In reality, there is a wide range of time when these symptoms can first show up. In some situations, you can start to get sick within an hour. In other situations, it could be up to three of four days. The timing of when symptoms arrive varies considerably based on the food that was consumed, your metabolism, and a variety of other factors.

How Long do Symptoms Last

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While food poisoning can be a very hard situation to deal with, the symptoms normally do not last too long. Most people end up feeling much better within one to two days after the initial symptoms arrive. However, people may continue to feel weak and have a limited appetite for up to a week after they first get sick. Fortunately, food poisoning is not contagious, so someone can return to work or school as soon as they feel up to it.

When to Seek Medical Attention

While food poisoning is not normally something that is too serious, there are more serious symptoms that you should look out for. If your symptoms end up lasting for more than three days, you should call your doctor to receive a full checkup. If your symptoms also include a high fever, you should go to the doctor immediately. Other more serious symptoms can include sever abdominal pain or blood in the vomit.

Legal Support

When you are a victim of food poisoning and suffer a serious injury, you may also want to contact a lawyer from Futerman Partners for additional support. If you have received food poisoning from food that you were served at a restaurant or received at a grocery store, you could be a victim or negligence. In these situations, it is fair for the provider of the food to provide you with financial support to assist with any expenses that you incurred. A lawyer will help you to look further into the situation.


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