5 Gaming Beasts You Should Definitely Check Out Right Now!

Ever since the first GUI based first person shooter (fps) was launched, people went crazy with the level of details that came embedded with the game. Since then, the gaming industry has come a long way and evolved as a major market leader surpassing the global film industry with an expected revenue of 230 billion […]

5 Top Reasons Why Laptops are Better than Desktops

We guess that everyone nowadays is aware of the fact that everyday obligations, especially when it comes to students and business people, cannot be done without a computer. A decade or two ago, having a computer was in a way luxury, as not everyone could afford it. However, this is more of a basic need […]

5 Reasons Why You Need a Home Security System

Most of us are trying to save as much money as possible throughout the year, with the focus on spending it rationally. With constant economic crises, a reduction in wages and inflation, no one feels completely safe to spend, as finances are one of the biggest concerns nowadays. In such a situation, it is clear […]