An Idiots Guide to Losing a Car Accident Case

Getting into an auto accident can be a costly affair. Not only do you have to deal with the damages on the car, you may suffer injuries that render you incapable of working. You might also incur hefty medical bills. Another problem you will face is trying to get full and fair compensation from your insurance company or the person responsible for the accident. This may necessitate litigation. A Futureman Partners lawyer can help you navigate these treacherous legal waters. But you also have a role to play. Many people make mistakes after being involved in an accident that compromise their car accident case. Here are some of the mistakes that could cost you a fair compensation.

1.      Not Taking Action at The Scene of the Accident

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After an accident, you need to prove that the other driver was at fault if you want them to pay. It is very likely that the other driver won’t admit to having caused the accident. This is why you need to collect evidence at the scene. The first step is to get medical help or administer first aid to anyone who is hurt. Thereafter, talk witnesses. Get the names and contact details of those involved and take as many photos as you can. You should call in law enforcement as soon as possible. The police will file an accident report and try to determine exactly what happened. Don’t brush off a minor accident or injury as it may turn out to be serious later. Always involve the police. This way, you’re sure you won’t be missing important information or evidence should the issue proceed to court.

2.      Failure to Seek Medical Treatment for Injuries You’ve Sustained

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See a doctor immediately after the accident. You may have sustained serious injuries that don’t show symptoms right away. For example, a slight headache could be a sign of a serious head injury. Your doctor will be able to identify any injuries and potentially save your life. They will also document these injuries. This information will be used as evidence during your car accident case. If you don’t see a doctor, you won’t have any evidence that you sustained any injuries as a result of the accident. As a result, you might not get fully compensated.

3.      Failure to Keep Proper Documentation

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The person responsible for causing the accident is compelled by the law to pay for all economic losses occasioned by their actions. This includes all repairs, medical expenses, and loss of income as a result of injuries. You can even be compensated for emotional distress and the pain and suffering experienced due to the accident.  However, you need to prove all this in court. Keep records of your medical bills, any additional costs incurred, the doctor’s report on your injuries, the days you missed work, your report to the insurance company, and the cost of car repairs. The more documentation you have, the stronger your case will be.

4.      Talking to Your Insurer Before Your Accident Lawyer

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The goal of your insurance company is to make a profit, not compensate you. You can almost bet they won’t be looking forward to paying any claims. They will try to get you to admit fault using questionable tactics to avoid paying. This is why you should talk to an accident lawyer first. They will guide you through the process and protect you from any machinations by the insurer.

5.      Waiting Too Long to Act

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If you take too long to file a lawsuit, your claim can be time-barred. Most states have a two-year statute of limitation for car accident cases. Your insurance company may try to drag out negotiations in a bid to deny you the opportunity of filing a lawsuit. Don’t fall into this trap.



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