9 Tips for Unpacking After Your Move

After the last box has been carried by the movers from the truck to your new home, the work in the new home begins. While you may have labeled and ensured every box was appropriately assigned to the right room, unpacking those boxes is still a lot of work. No matter how pumped you were about the move unpacking and arranging your new home can blow the wind out of your sails.  Here’s how to go about unpacking after a move to make it a less chaotic process.

1.      Perishables

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Any food that is perishable should be unpacked first. This can include refrigerated or frozen foods and beverages. If they are not handled fast and stored appropriately, they will go bad and you will have no choice but to throw them away. Therefore, unpack any perishables as soon as the boxes are in the house.

2.      Hygiene Products

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Unpack and arrange all your hygiene products immediately after the move. They will come in handy when you need to take a shower or use the bathroom once you are in the house. The last thing you want is to start looking for bathroom items when you want to take a shower.

3.      Pet and Kids Stuff

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The move is hard on the children and pets. Adjusting to the new environment can be a struggle for everyone. Therefore, you need to set up a familiar territory for pets and kids as soon as possible. This will make them adjust faster to the new environment.

4.      Kitchen Stuff

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After a move, it is easy to get accustomed to eating out as an excuse for an undone kitchen. This can be expensive in the long run. This is why you should prioritize unpacking all boxes meant for the kitchen over other rooms.

5.      Professional Stuff

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One of the most commons reasons for moving is a career change. It is important to ensure you make a good first impression in your new job. Therefore, make sure all your work clothes and work items are all unpacked and arranged accordingly.

6.      Beddings

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According to studies, humans spend a third of their lifetime sleeping. After a long couple of days of packing and moving, you need to enjoy a good night’s sleep in your new space. Therefore, set up your bed before bedtime so that you have somewhere to lie down after the unpacking process.

7.      Electronics

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Once you have a kitchen you can use, a bathroom you can shower in, and a bed you can sleep on, you should consider setting up your electronics. This will allow you to have connected internet in the house, a TV, and a radio, all of which are important for killing boredom.

8.      Documents

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When you move homes, you file new paperwork and make the required changes in your records. Make sure to unpack your documents when you have a clear mind.  Sort them out before storing them appropriately.

9.      Stress Relievers

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During all the hullaballoo of unpacking after a move, you should take a moment to sit down and take a breather.  Moving is a stressful process that can a take a toll on you. Taking breaks will allow you to settle your mind and get things done much faster.


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