7 Tips To Handle Your Partner In Tears!

Tears, unless born out of sheer exhilaration over something too good to be true, can be overwhelming for most of the fun-loving population. Seeing someone you love in tears is the worst feeling and often takes a toll on you as well. In case you’ve found yourself helpless over your inability to help when they get emotional, here are 7 tips to calm your crying partner and bring them back to their happy place again:

1. Get Them To Open Up:


The first and foremost thing you should be doing is letting them know that you care. Unless they trust you unconditionally, you can’t expect them to share their problems with you.

There’s a fair possibility that they’ve been around people who have not shown interest in their feelings, making them conscious regarding sharing their secrets.

2. Listen Intently:


When it comes to listening to the problems of someone dear, we often make the mistake of getting impatient and making them feel more troubled with our uninterested gestures.

It is of utmost importance that you listen to their problems intently and not interrupt them in between. Interruptions will only make them go further away from the warmth you are trying to give.

Also, try taking a deep understanding of what’s really bothering them before jumping to any conclusions of your own.

3. Tell Them It’s Okay:


Emotional strength of a person depends on their upbringing. If their family was keen on making them strong and independent, there is a fair chance that they will be.

However, if your partner has been brought up in an overprotective environment built to shield them from the harsh realities of the world, they will need some pampering from you.

Letting them know that bad things happen often calms them down and allows you to take further measures.

4. Comfort Them:


Once you’ve succeeded in calming them down, it is time to start doing some damage control.

You can go old school and give them the evergreen forehead kisses and long hugs.

If they still keep on sobbing softly, whisper in their ears about the things you love about them. These will definitely do wonders for you!

5. Become Their Food Ranger:


People often get hungry due to all the stress they’ve taken before they finally hit their breaking point.

There’s one small yet peculiar thing about food –if you can manage to make it magically appear out of nowhere, especially if it is someone’s favorite, it is bound to cheer them up no matter what.

In a world where you can be their food wizard, we beg you not to be a person who isn’t!

6. Take Them Out:


If the food fails to cheer them up, grab your keys and head out for a long drive over to some place they’ve always wanted to visit.

If you give them something that is either equivalent or greater than the thing that made them upset, the human nature is known to rejoice over things like that.

7. Buy Some Presents:


If you’ve finally managed to put a small yet significant smile while they’re sitting in the front seat with you, don’t stop yet.

While you’re on your way to some romantic place, make some excuse and pull over at some store and buy them a gift. A gift along with a romantic road trip is something nobody can say no to!

While most people are self-sufficient and independent emotionally, there is no denying of the fact that we all need a shoulder to rest upon when all hell breaks loose.

Why choose to be a spectator when you can be a savior?



Flora Author

Flora is a model, an entrepreneur, and a creative writer. She writes on a variety of subjects and technology is one of her favourite subjects.