7 Road Safety Tips for First-Time Teen Drivers

Accidents happen every day. Most of them are caused by reckless drivers with no regard for the other road users. If you just got your license, driving a car on your own for the first time can be fun and empowering. You know that you have read all the material on safe driving and even passed the test, but this does not exempt you from potentially being in an accident. The truth is, you can never be too safe on the road. Here are some road safety tips for drivers you can follow to avoid accidents on the road.

  1. Get Your Driving Attitude Right
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Most accidents caused by new teen drivers are as a result of immaturity and wrong attitude on the road. It is important for you to develop the right attitude towards driving. When on that driver’s seat, you are in control of more than 3000 pounds worth of moving metal. It is your responsibility to be mindful to other road users and your passengers. You should drive as though you were handling a dangerous weapon.

  1. Get as Many Supervised Test Runs as Possible
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Before you can take your driving exam, you need to take as much time as needed practicing. A tutor should be present whenever you take your driving test run. Create a schedule for your test drive and stick to it. This will not only prepare you for your driver’s exam, but for driving on the road as well. Learn about the licensing laws in your state to ensure you’re driving as per the law.

  1. Safety First
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Most teens are so focused on the act of driving that they forget the importance of safety on the road. Taking a safety-first approach is one of the most important road safety tips for drivers. Create a habit of fastening your seatbelt whenever you get into the car even when you’re the passenger.  Always make sure your passengers are wearing their safety belts when you’re driving.  A safety belt can save lives in the event of an accident.

  1. Do Not Take Drugs and Drive
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Most states only allow you to start drinking alcohol when you’re 21. Underage drinking and use of drugs are against the law. Driving under the influence is a criminal offense and it can land you in jail or cause your license to be suspended. Alcohol and drug use affects your ability to think rationally when driving, and this puts you at risk on the road.

  1. Avoid Driving at Night
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According to studies, you run a higher chance of getting involved in an accident at nighttime. Since you are a new driver, it is important to avoid driving at night until you have had enough supervised night drives. You can gradually get introduced to difficult driving situations until you get good at it.

  1. Drive Slowly and Safer at The Beginning
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While you may be yearning for the adrenaline rush experienced when driving at high speed, it is advisable to start slow. Avoid driving in environments with high traffic and on fast lanes.

  1. Car Safety
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Your car should be safe to drive. Not only should it be mechanically sound, it should also have in-built safety mechanisms such as airbags. Check out the safety rating of a car from vehicle consumer reports.

If you do get into an accident even after your best efforts not to, contact an accident lawyer to help you deal with the consequences.


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