7 Most Expensive iPhone Apps

It’s not a strange thing that everyone nowadays wants to become an app developer, considering the fact this may be a highly respected and highly paid position. To confirm this notion, it would be enough only to list some of the most expensive applications and see how much money can people who made them earn from them. Our list will specifically deal with those that you may buy on iTunes, that is, those made for the iPhones. Prepare to be shocked, as some of the applications from the list may cost the whole fortune, and not everyone can afford them. The funniest thing about those apps is actually the fact that many of them don’t serve any kind of purpose, and are there only to show that people who can purchase them are rich and can do whatever they want. Some of the most expensive apps, on the other side, are actually games, which is again not strange at all, considering the fact that passionate gamers don’t mind spending lots of money to get the game they want. So, make sure to check out our list of most expensive iPhone apps, and decide for yourself; whether you would buy one or not.

  1. LogMeIn Ignition

If you want to install this app on your iPhone, you will have to spend (get ready for this!!!) $1,399.99. This is the most expensive app on iTunes, and but it definitely has lots of users.

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  1. VIP Black

This app hasn’t been updated since May of 2014, but it’s still available and it still costs $999.99. As we have mentioned previously, this is one of those apps that does not serve any kind of purpose, except for showing off by super rich people who do nothing but spend their money.

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  1. CyberTuner

Piano lovers who want to have this app will have to pay $999.99 in order to get it. This is also one of those apps that hasn’t been developed for years, but still has lots of users, usually music experts.

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  1. QSFFStats

If you are crazy enough to pay $999.99 for an app that hasn’t been updated since 2011, this is such example. This is a statistical app, designed for flag football, and although quite expensive and outdated, it’s still regularly purchased.

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  1. app.Cash

This app is described as a “stylish cashier system for all-purpose,” and it can be purchased for $999.99. If you ask us, it’s definitely not worth the price, but there are people who buy it regularly.

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  1. KGulf

Well, this app is specifically for those people who are interested in the occurrences in the Arabian Gulf and Kuwait waters. If you want to get it, you will have to pay $499.99 for it.

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  1. DDS GP Yes!


This app is designed for dentists, and its main purpose is to give patients a better visual insight into certain dental conditions and treatments. If you want to purchase it, get ready to hear the price. This app costs $499.99, being the reason why it is one of the most expensive iPhone apps.

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