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7 Most Alarming Reasons Why You Need to Switch Your CRM System

It is an understatement that the CRM system is at the core of your business operations. In fact, the CRM could be a deal breaker. Use the right one and your productivity and efficiency increase but how do you know it is time to switch. Here are 7 alarming reasons to switch.

1. It is long in the tooth


CRM systems have been around for decades. Technology evolves at a rapid pace and your CRM must keep in step. You know it is old when:

  • you have to enter data manually
  • you can only access it from your office computer
  • the features are limited and simply do not match your way of working
  • communication and collaboration is hampered rather than helped by the CRM

2. Employees simply do not like to use the CRM


Admittedly some proprietary CRM systems have lots and lots of features but it is so complex no one likes to use it. You know it is time to switch to something better like ixact contact when

  • your employees do not make as frequent use of the CRM as they should
  • the dashboard is complex and difficult to figure out so sales, marketing, and even back-office employees shun the CRM
  • they just do not know how to generate reports or make sense of reports.
  • they think the CRM is a hindrance rather than a help to them.
  • it does not help in maintaining excellent relationships with the customer or convert more leads or help you respond fast.

3. The CRM does not have features you would like

Older CRMs simply lack the communication and database features that are so vital these days. You know its time for a changeover when:

  • your CRM does not have IVR that connects to the database, fetches records of existing customers and captures data of new callers.
  • it does not support omnichannel communication
  • it does not offer customization of features
  • it does not have an interactive dashboard or data capture methods.
  • it does not have call center software features or it is not possible to port it to such software to facilitate conversations and plan outbound campaigns.
  • it has no support for VoIP technologies let alone WebRTC.

4. Your existing vendor asks for a lot of money to upgrade


If your existing CRM vendor asks for a lot of money to upgrade but with no guarantees that it will have all desirable features it is definitely time to switch vendors.

5. No support for remote use

Laptop and mobile

You should certainly switch if your CRM does not have:

  • mobile support for use on the go
  • browser-based operations

The workforce is increasingly growing mobile and will use a variety of mobile devices. CRM must have remote access and mobile support.

6. It has poor data protection and security

Norms for data protection are growing more rigorous. If your legacy CRM has poor or non-existent data protection and security features, just trash it and move to another one.

7. You are losing opportunities

financial loss

Delays in responding could mean you lose opportunities and customers look elsewhere. Do not delay switching to a better CRM that notifies you on your desktop or mobile so you can respond promptly to existing customers or answer new callers on whatever channel of communication they choose.

Do not let a false sense of loyalty or cost saving hinder you. Switch.


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