7 Highest Paying Skilled Trade Jobs in Canada

This article brings you the list of highest paying skilled trade jobs in Canada, so make sure to read it and learn more about this important topic. So, what do we mean when we say “skilled trade” jobs? In short, those are all the jobs that require specific training, and you might immediately think of workers such as carpenters, tile setters, or electricians. As you may see, skilled trade jobs are those jobs that include manual work, and as such, they can be physically demanding in most of the cases. However, as you will see from this article, they may also be very well paid, and they provide lots of opportunities in terms of employment and self-employment. On the other side, it is also important to know that the working hours of skilled trade workers are full-time in most of the cases and, at times, can even be long ones, as some of the workers might even work in the evenings, when there are some urgent cases, or onto weekends when a construction deadline must be met. Nevertheless, no matter what we do and how we live, we all need a help from skilled workers at some point, and if you still gather the contacts of those experienced in their jobs, click here. But know, let us present you some of the highest skilled trade jobs in Canada.

  1. Construction Manager

Being a construction manager basically means to be in charge of construction projects and handle most of the things, from the beginning, until the end. The median hourly wage for this job is $38.46, but it can even go up to $58.50 and higher.

  1. Oil and Gas Driller

Drillers are basically team leaders responsible for putting petroleum engineers’ plans into action. This may be a very demanding job, and the median hourly wage is around $35, while it can be raised up to $55.

  1. Power Line Technician

We could not image our lives without the electricity being brought to our houses and work spaces. Power line technicians are largely responsible for making sure that happens. Their median hourly wage is $34.65, but those with more experience may even get $44 and more.

  1. Pipefitter

Pipefitters work with high-pressure piping systems in industrial settings. This is also a very well paid job, and the median hourly wage for a pipefitter is $34, with the tendency to grow up to $45.69 and higher.

  1. Industrial Electrician

Industrial electricians are in charge of installing, testing, maintaining, and repairing a wide range of electrical equipment. The median hourly wage for this type of jobs is $33, while the top-end hourly pay may reach even $45 and higher.

  1. HVAC Mechanic

HVAC mechanics are in charge of heating, cooling, ventilation, and refrigeration systems, that is, all those things we could not imagine our modern life without.  It is why their median hourly wage is $29, with the tendency to grow up to $43 and even more.


  1. Civil Engineering Technician

Civil engineering technicians are necessary when it comes to building roads, bridges, subdivisions, and utility systems. Their median hourly wage is $29, but it can grow up to $47.12, making this job one of the highest paying skilled trade jobs in Canada.


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