7 Best Paying Healthcare Jobs in The World

If you have always dreamt of working in a medical field or if you already work in one, make sure to read our list and read more about the best paid healthcare jobs in the world. The list will particularly be interesting to those people who are still choosing their field of study and cannot make up their mind. If money is one of your motivations, and we definitely won’t be judgemental if that’s the case, make sure to choose one from the top of the list, as you definitely deserve to be paid a lot. There are many reasons why you should decide for any kind of a healthcare field. First of all, any job you find in the field is highly respected, noble, as everything is about helping people. Additionally, and especially if you are from the United States, make sure to remember that health care jobs are on the rise, as they are expected to grow 18% from 2016 to 2026, according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook. In simple language, this means that there will be bunch of new employment positions and health care will be the largest source of jobs in the U.S. However, if you are in the position to employ in this or any other field, make sure to check out the Predictive Index, as it will be highly important in that regard. But, let us first learn more about the best paying healthcare jobs in the world.

  1. Physicians and surgeons

It’s not surprising at all that physicians and surgeons are the highest paying medical professionals, and in order to become one, you will need a doctoral or professional degree. Approximately, they earn $208,000 per year or more.

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  1. Dentists

When you get your bachelor’s degree, you must go to a dental school and pass a licensing exam, in order to become a dentist. This is not a simple thing at all, being the reason why the average annual salary for this profession is $159,770.

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  1. Podiatrists

If you have medical issues and need surgical care for foot, ankle, and lower leg problems, you will go to a podiatrist. In order to become one, you need to have a doctoral or professional degree. The average annual salary for podiatrists is $124,830.

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  1. Pharmacists

This is also the profession for which you need a doctoral or professional degree, but it is definitely worth spending all those years studying. The average annual salary for pharmacists is $122,230.

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  1. Optometrists

Examining and treating visual problems and managing any diseases or injuries to the eyes also requires a doctoral or a professional degree, and the average annual salary for optometrists is $106,140.

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  1. Physician assistants

In order to become a physician assistant, you will need to obtain a Master’s degree. Nevertheless, this is also one of the best paying healthcare jobs, as the average annual salary is $101,480.

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  1. Veterinarians

You definitely need to be animal lover in order to perform this job in the best possible manner, but don’t forget that you need to get a doctoral or professional degree. This job may bring you $88,770 annually.

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