6 Tips to Help Protect Color-Treated Hair

Dyed hair requires special care, and you should be aware of it before you decide to treat it with color. Technology advancement means that hair care products must incorporate contemporary multi-tasking formulations that really help the hair to get the incredible and prolonged color effect. To dealt with statistics a little bit, more than three-quarters of women over the age of 24 dye their hair. Whether it’s because some current fashion trends or just for the sake of making changes, around 70 percent of women regularly dye their hair once every 4 to 8 weeks. Over time, coloring may weaken your hair, making it dry and unhealthy. Color has a strong influence on the health and quality of hair not only in terms of its appearance. By hair dyeing, the scalp is weakened, hair can be lifeless and takes on the coarse texture that is typical of dyed hair – especially lighter! Keeping this in mind, there is no need to give up on changing your hair color, it only means that with colored hair comes more responsibility. The good news is that with the right approach, your freshly colored hair may look healthier than ever. We bring you some tips and tricks to help protect your color-treated hair, but we remind you not to forget about some other crucial things, such as your skin or your teeth, so don’t forget to visit your dermatologist and dentist soon.

  1. Don’t wash your hair every day

This is especially important in the first three weeks after you dye your hair, as it’s usually weak and you want to prevent any unnecessary haircut, as the shampoos can also dry out your hair. Wash your hair every 2-3 days, and if this is extremely difficult – invest in a good dry hair shampoo.

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  1. Hair conditioner

Moisturizing conditioners and masks are a must-have when it comes to dyed hair! You have to add extra protein and moisture to it, to make the color last longer. In this way, you additionally provide your hair with strength and glow.

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  1. Towels matter

Invest in micro fiber towels, as they are the best for your hair. They have the ultra-gentle surface and will not damage your hair. And when your hair is at high risk of cracking, this step is crucial!

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  1. Natural oils

You can use natural oils as a treatment before or after washing your hair. Good hair oil will protect you from various external influences and bring back its shine and fullness, thus protecting your hair color.

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  1. Careful with hair straighteners

Even if you had the healthiest hair in the world, if you used hair straighteners regularly, it would like get damaged and look terrible. This is especially important if you have dyed hair and if you want to protect the color. Think before you decide to use this tool – do you really need it?

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  1. Hair gloss products

Aside from protecting and firming the color, hair gloss products will add shine to your hair even when it is not healthy enough. This is why you should definitely invest in such products, so your hair may look incredibly beautiful.

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