6 Things to Do When Your Rental Car Is Stolen

Moving a new location for a while? Then hiring a rental car might make sense for you. A rental car not only saves you time and money, you also have the freedom to go wherever you want at whatever time during your stay. As it is with any other car, rentals sometimes get stolen. When this happens, the liability falls on you. While insurance options are available, it will not cover the inconvenience you suffer from a stolen rental car. If the car is not equipped with a car rental GPS system, finding it on your own can be tedious and unfruitful. Here are the steps you should take after the rental car gets stolen.

  1. Report It to The Police
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As soon as you discover that your rental car has been stolen, you need to report to the police immediately. Describe how the car looks and give details about any personal belongings in the car and any other information they may require. If the rental car has a tracking system, the police may have the necessary equipment to track it down.

  1. Notify the Rental Company
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After notifying the police, you also need to let the rental car company know that the car has been stolen. Let them know that you already reported the incident to the police to stop them from reporting again. Ask them for the car identification number and tag. Also, ask them to try locating the car using the GPS tracker.

  1. Get an Incident Report
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After you have notified the rental car company, you need to request for an incidents form for the stolen car. Take time to review the liability insurance options available. Usually, car rental companies offer 3 types of coverage – passenger protection, liability cover, and full cover. While the last one is the most expensive, it guarantees protection in case the rental car is stolen.

  1. Get in Touch with Your Credit Card Company
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If you used your credit card to get the rental car and failed to apply for theft coverage, you need to let your credit provider know.  They may be able to help you to get secondary cover options.

  1. Ask for Help from Your Car Insurance Company
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Most car insurance companies offer additional covers in case of car rental theft. You can check with them to see what kind of assistance they can give you under the circumstances. They may just bail you out of a sticky situation.

  1. Get A New Rental
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Once you have done everything possible to get help with the stolen rental car, you need to get another car rental for your use. Some car rental companies will deliver another car to your location as soon as possible. Some will need you to go to the company’s offices personally before you can be given another car. If you had not opted for car insurance with the previous car, it is normal for car rental companies to refuse to rent you a second car.

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