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6 Reasons Why Doing An Ancestry DNA Test is A Great Idea

DNA could stand for Do Not Associate but it is actually deoxyribonucleic acid, testing of which could show up surprising associations with ethnicities or even help you find a relative in some part of the world.

These days, DNA tests are popular and they are affordable too. An enterprising company offers a DNA kit for a low price and once you send in the sample, you pay for the report. DNA kits can be priced as low as 5 dollars, comprising of a vial and a swab.

You brush the insides of your cheeks with the swab, seal it inside the vial and send it off. Is it a good idea to undergo an ancestry DNA test? It depends but overall, it is a good idea.

1. Satisfy your curiosity

Satisfy your curiosity

You know your parents’ and your grandparents’ ethnicity but do you know your lineage? You may be curious so why not plump down money for an inexpensive DNA kit and get going. People have found connections to ethnic groups and their family tree as well as distant relatives because of this test. You get to know where you are coming from.

2. Medical predilections

Medical predilections

The Guardian, on its post, highlights how people go in for DNA tests to know about their medical predilections. This means DNA blood tests can reveal whether a person is prone to various genetic-related diseases and can take remedial action.

3. Know whether your child will be born normal

Know whether your child will be born normal

Mothers expecting babies are always anxious to know whether their child to be born is fully normal or has some abnormalities that could possibly result in a genetic disorder such as Down’s syndrome. Researchers are into prenatal genetic testing as a way to identify potential defects and save parents a lot of grief.

4. Lose weight

Lose weight

The same article states that DNA tests could identify variants responsible for obesity. The process of understanding how genetics ties with nutrition and exercise and their influence on weight are under study but you can get a good idea from a test done by using DNA kit. If your ancestors had a similar disposition you too can be sure to have inherited the traits but to which extent is something only the tests will show so no need to cut down on the sweets right away.

5. She may be having someone else’s baby

She may be having someone else’s baby

Innocent Men can sometimes be labeled as being the father of a child and then have to pay lifelong for the upkeep. DNA tests can show very accurately whether a man is indeed the father of a child or not.

6. Claim inheritance

Claim inheritance

Tests can link your DNA to your relatives and ancestors irrefutably and, if there is property to be inherited, you can file a legal claim as an inheritor. There may be no legal records or will or even people to testify to your relationship but your DNA test result can be taken as legal proof.

If not for any of these six reasons you can just be happy to know that you have undergone a DNA test and it is on records for future use by your descendants.



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