6 HVAC Related Health Problems You Need To Take Immediate Action About

During the winter months, you and your family probably spend much of your time indoors. Specifically, inside your home. It might surprise you to know that the same home you rely on to provide a safe, secure haven for your family is causing your family’s health problems. Air quality causes short-term and chronic conditions if it contains contaminants.

Your HVAC system should improve your quality of life when properly maintained. An Air Quality professional is not only your best defense but often is your only defense in protecting your health from ventilation related conditions. Educate yourself about potential health problems your HVAC system carries and learn how to avoid them. Health risks are not always airborne.

1. Avoid Conditions That Spread Toxins Throughout Your System

  • If your furnace develops a crack, then poison gasses including carbon monoxide escape.
  • Toxins spread through the closest outlet. Your furnace releases air through your HVAC system so it follows that poisonous gas takes the same path.
  • Regular maintenance by a trained technician should catch potential problems like a weak point in your furnace. If necessary, furnace installation Oshawa residents need is available.

2. Faulty or Damaged Wiring Causes Disasters


  • Your HVAC system has easily damaged wiring at key points such as the thermostat and the furnace.
  • Because you have no way to see the wiring, when it short-circuits you do not know it. Critical parts deteriorate without preventive maintenance and when several elements deteriorate, they short-circuit the wiring.
  • Short-circuited wiring is a big cause of house fires which puts your home and family at risk and in danger.

3. You Develop A Persistent Cough


  • Poor ventilation causes unhealthy air to build up indoors with no way to escape.
  • Respiratory problems are one of the most common health conditions caused by polluted indoor air.
  • If you or your family develops a persistent cough, call your HVAC technician to check on the air coming from your ductwork.

4. You or Your Family Is Constantly Ill


  • The Consumer Product Safety Commission released studies showing your HVAC system can cause constant, low-grade illnesses in the affected residence.
  • Your HVAC system spreads dust, mold and mildew spores and other things that leave you susceptible to disease.
  • If your doctor has no explanation for your symptoms, have your HVAC technician check your outside vents and your entire HVAC system.

5. Chronic Breathing Problems Become Common in Your Home


  • If you or a family member has asthma, your HVAC system is a big factor on the quality of air that person breathes.
  • A contaminated HVAC system emits air that can cause asthma to develop in an otherwise healthy person.
  • According to the Center for Disease Control, breathing stuffy air from a poorly ventilated home is one cause of asthma attacks.

6. Mildew and Mold Cause Many Health Problems

  • Ductwork constantly expands and contracts when it is cold or hot outside. Condensation forms when your air conditioner sends cool air into overheated ductwork or your furnace blows hot air into ductwork that is cold in the winter.
  • Your ductwork contains moisture created by condensation. Bacteria quickly develop in a warm, moist environment and rapidly produces mold, mildew and other air contaminants.
  • Your technician has tools to clean your ductwork on a regular basis. This prevents mold and mildew spores from spreading into the air you breathe.

Learn what you can about problems caused by poor indoor air conditions. The knowledge allows you to prevent most problems before they ever occur.


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