6 Highest Paying Countries for Physical Therapists

Changes in people’s lifestyles in the last few decades have led to significant changes in their health. People’s lives are no longer endangered by acute infectious diseases, but there are significant chronic diseases, traffic and sports injuries, injuries at work, and, unfortunately, war and natural disasters accidents. In all of these conditions and diseases resulting from the trauma of various kind, physical therapy plays an important role in the treatment and training of patients. As a discipline of medical science, physical medicine studies the biological activity of various forms of physical energy, such as light, heat, elicits, magnetism, mechanical, etc. and the possibilities for their application in healthy, diseased or injured people. It practically integrates the main goals of social and clinical medicine, being health promotion and treatment of diseases. Physical therapy has a very important role in the period of postoperative recovery, after prolonged rest, in conditions that occur as a result of stroke, and in motor development disorders in children. Also, its importance is emphasized when it comes to preventive action, and it is an integral part of the training and competition process in sport. If you want a recommendation, we definitely vote for Brampton physiotherapy, but if you are a physiotherapist, who would like to work abroad, make sure to read our list of highest paying countries for physical therapists, inspired by Insider Monkey.

  1. Australia

Australia is one of the best countries for expats, and if you are a physiotherapist, you may expect to have the average salary monthly salary of $4,259. Of course, you cannot get the work permit overnight, but it’s definitely worth a try.

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  1. Bermuda

You wouldn’t definitely expect this country on the list, but believe it or not, the average monthly salary for physiotherapists in Bermuda is $6,197. It’s enough to know English; it’s quite near to the USA, so check out the requirements.

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  1. Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the richest European countries, so living there is definitely to be considered a privilege. The average monthly salary for physiotherapists in this country is $6,518, and this is the land of cheese and chocolate. What else could you wish for?

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  1. Norway

Norway is the land of democracy, freedom, human rights, and it is one of the safest counters in the world, being at the same time heaven for expats. The average monthly salary for physiotherapists in this country is $5,515, being quite attractive.

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  1. Denmark

The average monthly salary for physiotherapists in Denmark is $5,515, and although it sounds too good to be true, it’s quite a fact. This is also one of the best countries in the world, and if it sounds attractive to you, make sure to check out their employment requirements.

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  1. USA

Of course, you expected to find the USA on the list, and the fact that the average monthly salary for physiotherapists here is $5,768 makes this country one of the highest paying countries for this profession. Of course, it depends from State to State, but when you make up your mind, check them out separately.

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