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5 Ways Your Kids Can Help During a Move

Moving houses can be a stressful experience. More so for the kids. The feeling that a major change is about to happen often leaves kids confused and nervous about the future. To make it easier for them, you should try to involve them in the process if they are old enough.  Besides, an extra pair of hands won’t hurt. Here are some moving house tips for incorporating your kids into the moving process.

1.      Sorting Out Their Belongings

Sorting Out Their Belongings
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Take the move as an opportunity to declutter. You should only move with the stuff you actually use and need. Everything else should be left behind. Doing this will save you both packing time and moving costs. Get your kids involved in the process by letting them go through their stuff and sort them out. They should have a pile of items they never use and one with things they’d like to move with. They may need you to help with some of the decisions so keep an eye on them.

2.      Packing Their Stuff

Packing Their Stuff
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Let your kids pack their own things after they’re done sorting them out. Of course, you should only allow this if they’re old enough. Usually, packing is the most time-consuming activity during a move. Therefore, any packing assistance from your kids can come in handy. Make sure to show them how to go about it by packing a few boxes together.

3.      Cleaning Their Room

Cleaning Their Room
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You’ll need to clean the house before moving out since you need the security deposit from your landlord or making it more appealing for the expected sale. After your children are done packing their things, get them to clean up their rooms. Make sure to assign age-appropriate tasks. They should dust and wipe all surfaces and then mop or vacuum the floor. Do not give them any cleaning tasks where chemicals are used.

4.      Preparing their Essentials Boxes

Preparing their Essentials Boxes
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Every member of your family should prepare an essentials box before the moving day. This is a box full of the items they will need before and just after the move. This is down to the fact that all other household items will be inaccessible. Some of the items your kids should put in their essentials boxes include toothpaste, a toothbrush, an extra set of clothes, pajamas, toys, games, books, and so on. Supervise the process to make sure that the items the kids put in the boxes are indeed essential. After they are done packing the essentials box, remind them that they should keep it with them throughout the move.

5.      Labeling and Decorating Boxes

Labeling and Decorating Boxes
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Your kids won’t find the aforementioned tasks much fun. This is one of the moving house tips that make the process enjoyable for the kids. Let them help you label the cardboard boxes you’ll be using to move your stuff. After all, you do need properly labeled boxes to make the unpacking process easier once you get to your new home. Encourage your kids to use their imagination to decorate the boxes with decorative tape, markers, and stickers.

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