5 Ways to Survive the Heat When Moving in Summer

More than 50% of house moves take place in the months of summer. This is no surprise since this is the time when schools are on summer break and the weather is favorable for a move. The warm weather makes moving easier than it would be in rainy or winter seasons. However, the increasing temperatures present various safety concerns. Heat exhaustion and dehydration are common issues that affect people in summer. This makes the entire moving process a hard task to accomplish. Here are summer moving tips that can make your summer move easier.

1.    Do Not Move with The Clutter

Do Not Move with The Clutter
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It is important to lighten your load as much as possible. Get rid of furniture and other household items that you do not need in your new home. Once you have gotten rid of what you do not need, sort out the remaining items in categories for better organization. Create a pile for donation, keeping, and storing. Donate clothes and appliances that you do not need, keep the essentials you use and need every day, and store seasonal items and furniture. Also, create a pile to throw away. This can be anything that doesn’t fall into the three categories.

2.      Hire Professional Movers

Hire Professional Movers
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Once you have your house items sorted, you need to find a reliable and experienced professional moving company. Professional movers will ensure that your items are well packed and moved to your new location. Make sure to call them in advance to make your booking, confirm the availability of the service on the day you are moving, and get a quote for the service. Hiring professional movers enables you to have a smooth transition to your new home. You can rest easy in the hot weather as everything is packed at your current home and unpacked at your new one. This is one of the most important summer moving tips.

3.      Make the New Home Cool

Make the New Home Cool
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Moving in the heat is already bad enough. The last thing you need is to move into a house with a semi-functional AC system. Check that all cooling and heating appliances in your new home are working prior to your move. Also, turn on the AC and fans as soon as you get to your new location to ensure the house remains cool as you unpack.

4.      Have Your Physical Health Checked

Have Your Physical Health Checked
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The summer heat does pose a health hazard. Conditions such as heatstroke and severe dehydration are some of the most common health complications you can suffer from in summer. Take breaks between packing and moving to avoid suffering from heat-related health complications. Dress for the weather, stay well hydrated, and wear sunscreen. It is also advisable to move early morning or late afternoon to avoid the peak temperatures during the day.

5.      Protect Items That Are Heat Sensitive

Protect Items That Are Heat Sensitive
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If you have items that are heat sensitive, you need to pack them appropriately. Also, make sure they are not transported in hot vehicles where they may get damaged by the heat. The best moving companies offers well aired and AC conditioned moving trucks to protect your heat sensitive items.

With these summer moving tips, you can be sure to experience an easy summer move.

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