5 Top Reasons Why Laptops are Better than Desktops

We guess that everyone nowadays is aware of the fact that everyday obligations, especially when it comes to students and business people, cannot be done without a computer. A decade or two ago, having a computer was in a way luxury, as not everyone could afford it. However, this is more of a basic need today, and the same way students needed books from the library some time ago in order to pass an exam, now they need the computer, as almost all of the books may be found in the electronic form. In the same manner, business people who communicate with their clients day by day and big companies that need to follow the pace of the modern technology cannot even imagine a day without using this precious device. So, we don’t even ask whether computers are necessary – we know they are. Our list will only deal with whether it would be better to get the laptop or desktop computer, and we provided some of the top reasons to prove that laptops are the right choice anyway. There are plenty of reasons, and some of them you may probably immediately think of, but that should not prevent you from reading our list of top reasons why laptop is better than desktop. Check it out, and make sure to learn more about the calibration service, as, believe it or not, both laptops and desktops should be calibrated.

  1. Mobility

This is probably one of the most obvious reasons why it is always better to choose a laptop over desktop, and this advantage cannot be beaten in anyway. If you own a desktop, you will have to travel without your computer, which is quite bad, especially if you need it for your work.

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  1. Space

Having a desktop requires having a special desk and special corner in your room, which may be complicated at times, especially if you live in a rather small apartment. However, when you have a laptop, it’s place may be anywhere; on your sofa, on your bed, on the dinner table, or even on the floor. The possibilities are numerous!

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  1. Price

Many people think that laptops are more expensive than desktops, being one of the reasons why they decide to stick to it. However, laptop prices have totally decreased in the last decades, and there are so many cheap and good options, especially for people who are not demanding users and don’t need the specification to be on point. If nothing, this is definitely the thing you should think about!

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  1. Keyboard

When it comes to laptop and desktop keyboard, the main difference is actually in terms of dimensions. When it comes to laptops, a keyboard is integrated as part of the main body, which is more practical. Additionally, the keyboard speed is quite better in this case.

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  1. Resale

Whatever you buy, it is high likely that one day you will want to sell it and get something better and new. With desktops, this is a little bit hard, as they are not very convenient when it comes to resale. Laptops, on contrary, always have the possibility to resale, especially those with better specifications.

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