10 Cool Furniture Ideas For Pet Lovers (Images Inside!)

People who love pets are said to be the best-at-heart people. They live to love, they live to adore.

So, this article goes for all those lovely people out there who would pour their heart out for their lovely little pets.

We bring you some innovative ideas that you can implement in your homes and give your pets as well as yourselves a special gift.

A gift that not only makes your pet elated but adds another dimension to the beauty of your furniture overall.

Let’s have a look at these 10 furniture ideas for people like you!

1. Cat-oriented Bookshelf:

Source: Flickr/ normanack

Cats are one of the most versatile pets.

They would crawl, walk, jump and run anywhere and everywhere in your home and when you look into their sharp yet lovely eyes, you melt from inside.

Why not gift your cat a bookshelf to be walked, crawled, walked and jumped upon? Here’s this innovative bookshelf which has been designed cat-friendly.

2. Kennel Under The Stairs:


Confused about the location of the kennel for your dog?

It happens with almost everyone that they get confused where to place their dog house.

Well, not to worry, there is this innovative ‘kennel under the stairs’ formula which has been designed for your darling dog.

Gift your dog a better place to live in!

3. Coffee Table For Aquarium

Source: Flickr/ Wicker Paradise

The name says it all! This coffee table comes with an in-built aquarium which looks amazing! Aquariums are usually the attractions in a living room.

When the aquarium is right under your coffee table, it becomes even more attractive. It is easier to manage as well. Coffee table aquariums have easy-to-implement mechanism that don’t cause much of  a trouble.

4. Pet Under A Rocking Chair

Source: Flickr/ Helen Haden

How about taking your kitty to a rock-n-roll ride!

This idea is no rocket science.

You can place your lovely cat under your rocking chair and can play with your pretty kitten whenever you want to, all the live long day!

And that too is happening from beneath your chair. How cool is that?

5. Poodle Mirror

If you have a poodle and you don’t have a mirror for it, sir you are missing something big!

Poodles love to watch themselves in the mirrors and you must keep a mirror for them to feel elated.

Besides, you can watch yourself in the same mirror if you want as there’s no mirror with a “only for pets” label on it!


6. Cat tunnel Sofa


This is another great idea of buying a sofa with in-built tunnels in it.

Cats love peeking through tunnels and they would sneak into random tunnels into your home.

Why not give them their own tunnel which would make them elated and make us tension-free from the beginning?

7. Dog Lounger


If you’re really worried about your little buddy reaching up to you every time, we suggest you to buy dog friendly loungers so that you remain accessible to them all the livelong day.

After all, your puppy is entitled to sit in your face and lick it all day long!


8. Cat Crib

Source: Flickr/ Charles Barilleaux

A hammock for cats that can made to fit below a chair? Is this Disneyland or what!

This is another good idea to provide a comfortable place to your kitty.

Just attach the hammock and get set go!

9. Cat Yoga Mat


Yoga? Cats? Yes, happens quite a lot.

Haven’t you noticed your cat going into weird yoga poses at times?

Well, these yoga mats can be the perfect plaything for your cats as they are stretchable and comfortable.

10. Fancy Dog Bowls


When its your dear dog, you ought to take its proper care.

Why not buy these fancy looking dog bowls your dog would love to eat in?

These bowls come in different shapes and sizes as well as materials such as wood and makes a perfect fit for your home.


Hope this article  helped you think about different ways to innovate with your furniture for the well being your dear pets. Try one of these and let happiness kick in!


Flora Author

Flora is a model, an entrepreneur, and a creative writer. She writes on a variety of subjects and technology is one of her favourite subjects.